New Era of Recovery

One Family at a Time

We support and guide families through adolescent substance abuse.

In the world of drug and alcohol intervention, there is NOTHING similar to Anchorpoint

Only Anchorpoint provides and combines

* Mental and Physical Well-Being Assessments

* Therapeutic Intervention

* Supervision Techniques

* Behavior Modification

All while your child remains in their school, community and, most importantly, your home

Drug Addiction Treatment

Anchorpoint was created by Dave Kopeny after spending 27 years in the field of drug prevention and intervention.  He realized that despite our best intentions, we were losing the battle against drugs and society’s approach to recovery had to change.  Anchorpoint signifies that change. No one else brings this type of in-depth, varied and multifaceted intervention techniques and services directly to you in the form of home based treatment.  We know we can help, guide and provide hope.  Please continue reading and listening to our message and, if you believe the same, please contact us and begin on the path to a healthier and happier life for you, your child, and your family.

What We Do

Drug addiction treatment Chicago

We develop solutions for parents whose child may be contending with drug abuse: from alcohol to prescription drugs to opioid addiction, we utilize numerous intervention techniques individually designed based on your child’s needs. 

  • Your child’s recovery and success toward the elimination of his or her substance use.
  • Mitigating any drug related issues your child may be experiencing, including any legal or academic issues

How We Do It

It starts with an Anchorpoint Intervention Specialist who works one on one with parents to assess the severity of drug use and then assembles an appropriate team of specialists to address the problem.  The family’s Intervention Specialist is the team leader.  He or she will always be the first point of contact for parents and will be responsible for overseeing and guiding all team members throughout the process.  Depending on the child’s particular circumstances, the Anchorpoint team can include therapists, forensic IT specialists, attorneys, nutritionists and physicians, academic coordinators and educators.

Drug Use

What should you know about drugs?

Signs of Abuse

What should you look for?


What can be done?

Our Approach

An Accurate Assessment is Crucial as a First Step of Recovery

No matter where you are, we feel the best way is face to face interaction, utilizing a number of tools including personality analysis, supervision, and therapeutic techniques.  We will complete an in-depth and thorough assessment before we ever begin to recommend a type of treatment for your child.

Once a Path to Recovery Has Been Determined

An Anchorpoint family is supported by their own team of professionals who work with each other, bound by common goals and keenly aware that it takes coordination, cooperation and communication between all involved in order to reach the highest point of excellence within the treatment modality. The treatment process is led by the Intervention Specialist who works one on one with the parents and will assemble the appropriate team once the   individualized case plan is completed.  

No Time Limits or Arbitrary Time Lines of Intervention

Every Anchorpoint family, child and substance abuse issue is different.  Some could be a passing phase with simple experimentation that will quickly fade.  Others could be more severe and life altering.  Some issues could lead to death if not addressed immediately.  We will outline the correct treatment that correlates to your child’s particular issue.  We support and work with our families until all goals are reached.  Also, Anchorpoint’s unique design allows for an immediate re-engagement should any setbacks or relapse take place.


Dear Dave,
You were someone that showed so much kindness and care for a young person who was lost in the throes of addiction. I just wanted to reconnect with you and say thank you for all you did for me back then. I am now 32 years old and have a family of my own, a career and help other men to get out of the trouble they are in. There has not been a day that has gone by where I haven't thought about how kind you were to me and my family during a very rough time in our lives.
Thanks again,