“Is My Child Doing Drugs”? When Should A Parent Act

I received two phone calls within hours of each other.  Each took place in the early morning, following a sleepless night by the callers.  Each call was that of a parent afraid for their son.  Each voice was glazed with worry, filled with the unknown, and asking for help.  Both made the phone call out of desperation and not knowing what to do next.  Very similar families yet one was perhaps just starting on their path to fight drug addiction and for the other it may be too late.  

The time is now….

The first caller “Diane”, was happily married and the mother of two.  She had received a call a few days earlier from another parent whom she vaguely knew.   They had occasionally exchanged pleasantries on the playground years before while awaiting the dismissal bell at their children’s grade school.  Diane knew this parent had a son of similar age to her own but was not aware that their children now attended the same middle school.  This phone call was not pleasant and completely blindsided Diane.  “Your son is getting high with my son and either you need to deal with it or I will.”    

Diane didn’t remember much more of the conversation.  After she hung up the phone, she went through a number of emotions very quickly:  embarrassment, anger, denial and then resolute.  If her child was getting high how could she not have known?  Why was this happening?  How was this happening?  Again, how could she not have known!   

The time is now….

“Megan” was also the mother of two.  Her oldest was a junior in high school trying to figure out his college path. She had received a call the night prior to contacting Anchorpoint.  The caller on the other end was a young voice, void of empathy and feeling but carrying a message that could change Megan’s life forever.  “Kevin (her son) is in his car in your driveway.  I think he OD’d.  He might be dead”.  

Currently, both are Anchorpoint families getting the help and support they need.  While their children are at different ends of the drug abuse spectrum, both are following their respected case-plans and personal paths toward a drug free life.  The Anchorpoint

Team will change as they change, evolve as they evolve and adapt to their needs and remain steadfast in the fight against addiction.

The time is now… to get help for your child.  If you believe your child may be starting to experiment with drugs or if you know they are using and don’t know how to stop it, the time is now to call Anchorpoint.  We will help you and your loved ones get their lives back.  

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