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Inception of Anchorpoint Adolescent Consultant Group

Substance Abuse Treatment

I founded Anchorpoint after spending over 27 years working with high-risk adolescents in the education and juvenile justice system and adults in the criminal justice system.
I have interviewed cartel members who declare they will never stop bringing drugs into the country because “it’s too easy, and too many people want it”. I’ve met drug dealers who hand out free packets of heroin to encourage addiction and ensure future sales. I have watched those who return from rehab only to relapse within a week. And I have seen adults and children alike enter out-patient treatment with hopes of recovery but instead meet peers who are not invested in sobriety and in fact encourage continued drug use, share secrets of deception, share drug sources and, in the end, strengthen the addiction.
At Anchorpoint, we know how difficult and daunting it may seem trying not only to understand the issue of substance abuse but how to eliminate it. We understand that without direction, the path to recovery can be arduous and unyielding. Let us help you get your family back. We are committed to the belief that with our help and proper treatment, your child can learn to lead a happy and healthy life.

Dave Kopeny

Founder of Anchorpoint- Adolescesnt Consultant Group

Behaviour Health Enhancement

The goal of Anchorpoint is to assist families who either suspect their child may be using drugs or families who know their child is abusing drugs and are unsure how to stop it.  This is why Anchorpoint stresses awareness, understanding and interventions of various means.  Early detection is critical in the realm of substance abuse.  A parent’s intuition and feeling that “something is wrong” should not be ignored.  However, knowledge of a problem is only the beginning.  What the parent needs to know next is:  what drugs are involved? how much?  how often? what kind of help does my child need? what kind of help is available? and finally, where do we go from here? While the problem of substance abuse is universal, the remedies needed are different for each child and the plan of action needs to be measured and based on that child’s individual and family needs.  Anchorpoint specializes in this type of care.  Care that will be offered by a team of professionals who have devoted their lives to eliminating substance abuse in the form of home based treatment.

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Team Concept

Our Anchorpoint families are provided a team of local professionals who engage in a coordinated effort and will provide recommendations, responses and answers to your child’s individualized needs.

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Anchorpoint Team

Intervention Specialist:
Will work one on one with the parents to assess the depth of the substance abuse problem and, with an individualized case plan, dictate the appropriate approach.  He or she is the team leader and will always be the first point of contact for parents and will be responsible for overseeing and guiding all team members throughout the process.

Will engage in both individual and family counseling confronting any and all issues that may be contributing to the child’s substance abuse issues and/or other high risk behavior. All counselors are licensed clinical therapists specializing in adolescent substance abuse.

Anchorpoint feels there is a deep connection between mind and body and one must target both in order to reach a healthy balance.  Therefore, a health assessment will be conducted periodically to ensure that the child’s physical health remains constant and positive.

Forensic IT Specialist:
Today, with the touch of a phone,  Ipad, personal computer, etc.,  a child has the opportunity to participate in negative behaviors which can impede the recovery process.   An IT specialist is available to scan and review targeted websites and dialogue which the child may engage in regarding substance abuse and other self-harming behavior.

Legal Representation:
The reality is that where there is prolonged drug abuse, legal issues usually follow.  Should this be needed, each Team will include an attorney who specializes in substance abuse and can be a Court advocate for your child in regard to the intervention process already underway through Anchorpoint.