Adolescent drug abuse is a multi-faceted problem, requiring an equally multi-faceted approach to address and resolve it. Most parents, understandably, don’t have the background or expertise to navigate these turbulent waters.  We do.  We also believe that, as a parent, no one knows your child better than you do.  You know their inner strengths and weaknesses, their abilities and their faults.  Anchorpoint will pinpoint WHAT your child is doing and together we will find out WHY.   And once we find out why, we will overcome any and all issues which are contributing to your son or daughter’s substance abuse. We are committed to the belief that children suffering with substance abuse problems can fully recover and enjoy happy and fulfilling lives when provided with an effective support team that coordinates to address the substance abuse itself, and to address the constellation of legal, sociological, psychological, medical, academic and other issues surrounding it.