We at Anchorpoint know that substance abuse is an all too familiar problem for many families.  While the problem of substance abuse is universal, the remedies needed are different for each child.  The plan of action that needs to be developed must be based on the specific needs of the child and his or her family. Anchorpoint specializes in this type of specialized care. Our recovery interventions vary from therapeutic to supervisional or may include both.

Some of our services may initially be implemented without the knowledge of the minor, allowing for a truer sense of the problem, devoid of deception on the part of the child.

Drug Testing Center

Both hair and urine samples can be utilized for drug testing.  Hair samples are sent to a lab for a 14 panel drug test that includes marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine and a wide variety of opiates.  Urine samples can provide immediate results.  Training in this area can be provided to the parents if they choose.


Anchorpoint offers information regarding the drug culture, latest trends, data, interventions and case plan which are tailored to each individuals needs and ability to succeed. The Intervention Specialist will provide a written report to parents detailing the assessment process and recommendations,

Internet Access

An IT specialist who can, if necessary, sweep all computers, IPads and phones which are used by the minor. Mass media outlets (snapchat, twitter instagram, etc.) will be investigated and deciphered.  This will indicate any discussion, photos, chats, texts or emails which reference drug use or other behavior which puts the minor at risk.  Social media can be monitored on a daily basis.


Utilizing GPS, the child’s whereabouts can be monitored and documented on a daily basis.  Location will be cross referenced with known high risk areas, neighborhoods and locations. Anchorpoint is experienced in cultivating partnerships that help in assessing dangerous homes, apartments, and other areas of concern.

Child GPS Tracking

If a child has access to an automobile, a GPS unit can be applied to child’s vehicle(s), capable of providing minute by minute gps tracking and location.   This allows for knowledge of where and when the child goes when unsupervised.

Personality Assessment

A self-administered assessment is used to help Anchorpoint caregivers understand the individual and, in turn, provide targeted goals and a case plan that supports and takes into account each person’s individualized traits, personality and behavior.

Provide Court Testimony

As an advocate for the child, Anchorpoint will provide any information and opinion under oath in the Court of Law

Individual and Family Relationship Assessment

Since substance abuse not only is detrimental to the user but to the family members as well, this is an important concept that is used to heal the family as a whole.

Social Media Awareness

Training provided to parents allowing parents to increase their accessibility, knowledge and understanding of social media and its implications on the growth and development of their child.

Drug Assessment

We utilize drug and alcohol assessments which allows us an in-depth view of use and frequency and provides comprehensive data that is then used to create a case plan.

Child Counseling

All counselors have experience in both individual and family counseling, they are Licensed Clinical Social Workers, have experience within the Juvenile Justice system, and have worked extensively with the adolescent population. 

Search and Seizure Techniques

Training provided to effectively and efficiently search for illicit and unwanted items within a home, yard, or vehicle and how to appropriately discard these items.  This is especially important if there are younger siblings in the home who may have access to hidden substances in and around the home.  

Residential Placement Recommendations

While the foundation of Anchorpoint is to treat the child within the safety and comfort of the family unit, we also realize that certain situations require in-patient services.  Should this type of treatment be warranted, Anchorpoint is an expert in the the field of in-patient treatment programs nationwide.  We distinguish which services correlate best with the individual’s needs.  Anchorpoint will remain in constant contact with the rehabilitation facility throughout the treatment process and in regard to progress and the eventual discharge plan.

Aftercare Treatment

When an adolescent returns from placement, positive integration is essential.  Anchorpoint ensures that a discharge plan has been developed prior to their return and utilized immediately.  This plan may include some of the interventions listed above and will be shared and followed by all invested parties.

Naloxone Kits

(Naloxone, sold under the brand name Narcane, is a medication used to block the effects of opioids, especially helpful in cases of overdose). Should the client exhibit behavior indicative of opiate use, a recommendation of residential placement may be made.  However, often times immediate acceptance into the appropriate program is difficult.  Due to this fact and the potentially deadly consequence of opiate use, parents will be offered naloxone kits and training on its use.  

Written Case Plan

After collecting information, interviews and opinions of involved professionals and family members, a detailed assessment will be written and tendered along with conclusions, recommendations and goals pertaining to an individualized treatment plan.  This document can be beneficial as a roadmap to recovery for the family, can be helpful to current and subsequent health care workers, and can also prove beneficial as a legal document should behavior result in court involvement. This report is extremely beneficial exhibiting self-resolution and certitude to the court on behalf of the defendant.