Possible Early Signs of Drug Use

Some adolescent behavior can be attributed to simple maturity and growing pains. However, as a parent, no one knows your child better than you and if you feel that “something is just not right” you owe it to yourself, your child, and your family to make sure.

Physical signs of drug use can be obvious:
* slurred speech
* odor of alcohol
* bloodshot eyes
* dilated pupils

Emotional clues can be much more subtle and may include:
* uncharacteristic insolence, anger and/or apathy
* a distancing of oneself from the family
* no longer associating with familiar friends
* secretive regarding new peer group
* changes in outward appearance

Exhibitions of possible abuse:
* drug paraphernalia (pipes, bongs, rolling papers, plastic baggies, lighters)
* the display of empty alcohol bottles
* posters of marijuana leafs, references of use, etc.


Anchorpoint was created to assist families who either suspect their child is using drugs or families who know there child is abusing drugs and don’t know how to stop it. What a parent needs to know is; what drugs are involved? how much? how often? what kind of help is available? and what kind of help does my child need? It begins with awareness, followed by understanding, and finally precise and appropriate intervention. Anchorpoint will answer these questions and stay with you and support you until sobriety is achieved.